What can I do to make my Kung Fu’s Patreon page work?

What can I do to make my Kung Fu’s Patreon page work?


What have I done (in the last years):

- I publish a new content almost every 1-2 days on my website
- I am writing an online Kung Fu course, a lot of tutorials and articles, all for free (400-500 in total)
- Each time I share my articles on various social networks
- I have reached the first places in Google SERP for a lot of strategic keywords
- My visits’ stats are always growing (15% rebound frequency, 3 minutes session duration)
- I have recently started to sell video courses on a Woocommerce shop

What I cannot do:

- Create an interaction (only a few practitioners write me and only by e-mail)
- Receive comments / likes / share on my website and on social networks

The practitioners who write to me are very happy about what I write, so:

- What am I missing?
- Where am I wrong?
- What can I do?

After years of daily efforts (study, daily training, sharing, etc.) I no longer know what to do: the project is becoming economically unsustainable for my family.

These are the other links:

6dragonskungfu.com – Website
6dragonskungfu.com/shop/ – Shop
6dragonskungfu.com/complete-course-kung-fu-online-free/ – The free home study course

Thanks in advance to those who want to answer.

Need suggestions for shifting our blog section

We have a blog section that we have created but now we want to shift our blog section only on WordPress as our original blog section is not that attractive.

So, we have 30 blogs on our original blog section

plz, suggest what is the efficient way to shift our blogs without losing traffic as our 10 blogs are ranking well.

Should I copy paste all blogs on new WordPress site and then redirect old pages to the new site, keeping the same URL.

(We don’t want to change the URL or any domain)

Wrong URL on Google SERP

Hi all,

Something confuses me: let’s say I have a Post in a Category and so its URL is https://www.example.com/category-name/post

But in Google SERP my URL shows as https://www.example.com › Category name

I use WordPress and Yoast. Is there something I’m missing?
Any SEO impact to keep it like that? Obviously I optimized my URLs and so I’m wondering if I’m lossing a good point…

Thanks in advance for your help!

Google lost it’s marbles or have I made an error

I have a website that has been around for a while.

When you type the business name, the home page is displayed in the first spot, along with a number of the most important sub-pages beneath.

However, I just noticed one of the page titles i.st way off. It’s not the page title I assigned it, nor is it even on the page (although its relevant to the website). It’s totally out of character with other titles in that its lower case where everything else is Title case. It’s like Google just bunged a random word in because it was close to closing time.

I know Google can vary titles but this is totally off-piste.

Anyone seen this before?

Why subdomain remains despite domain absence

Not sure if this is the right thread for this but the original issue was under this thread so might as well post this here.

How is it possible for a subdomain to remain when the domain which it is supposed to be dependent on already redirects to a different domain?


- "abc.com" has "one.abc.com" as a subdomain
- "abc.com" was then redirected to "123.com" and so "abc.com" stopped being accessible
- how come "one.abc.com" remains accessible?

Site Wide Backlinks From 3rd Party Website


Just looking at a clients backlinks and I noticed a large volume (400+) from one single website.

On closer inspection the links are in the right panel/bar of the website (homepage and 400+ internal pages), all are dofollow links and the same keyword rich anchor text e,g, new + product + deals

What is the best solution to ease the negative impact of these links as it seems the particular anchor text is hurting rank for that exact term.

My first thoughts were to ask the the 3rd party website to keep the homepage link with keyword rich anchor and then ask them to change the anchor text of the 400+ links on internal pages to the company/brand name.

Does anyone have an opinion or experience of this and would we need to go one step further and ask that all the 400+ backlinks on their internal pages are changed to nofollow ?

Thanks in advance …..:wink:

Website not indexing in Google.co.in

Hello Team,

I have a subdomain ‘edge.canon.co.in’. I Just redirect the main domain canon.co.in to in.canon after that I lost the indexing of the subdomain. Did that redirection in the main domain will affect the indexing of the subdomain.

What should I do to get the indexing of my website back I have tried everything by fetching the url in Google Search console and all.

Please help

Google Drops Public Site Submission

Google has stated it’s dropped the public site search submission feature.
I didn’t realise it was still there as i’ve never needed to submit a site for many, many, many years. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I used it.
Google is good at finding urls, in fact, almost too good in some cases.

It does, of course, retain the tool in the Search Console, which all i’ve used to correct url issues, or to use a great sitemap.

Good inbound links work well, too.