Are you Experiencing Google Cache Problems ?

There has of late been a few threads / questions concerning web pages and Google’s cached version of same pages.

People have been getting a 404 error when trying to view that cache page.

As one member pointed out, Sandy2012 in another thread, "don’t worry about it, its’ out of your control"

Sandy2012 is correct, it has no impact on your rankings according to Google. Consider it
Googles’ way of telling you your site is now using the mobile index.

Also note that just being included in the Mobile Index does not provide any ranking boost but being Mobile Friendly does give a boost.

Here is the article and Google accepting responsibility for the cache error, it’s from Search Engine Land.
Click the graphic, it’s linked. I recommend reading the entire article.

Bad Links/Hot Linking?

Hey everyone,

Got a new site here. There are a bunch of bad inbound links from aHrefs, HERE

Basically they were scraping their site, most of the links are just linking to images and pulling them to their **** scaping sites.

I made sure hotlinking was present and blocking them in Cloudflare and in cPanel about a week ago. Only a few links dropped off. Or how good it is going to work.

This is not a WordPress site, straight up, HTML and .apsx. No .htaccess

Thoughts on best practices?

I know I can disavow these, but there are a TON and there is no contact info to ask to remove them. There are A LOT. So even black listing their IP would be a ton to do.

Thanks ya’ll.


Comparing my site vs another

Could anyone help throw some tips my way as to why my site is ranking on the 5th page for "Extruded aluminum framing". I have been reviewing the sites on the first page and I feel, at least for what I have learned, that my site should rank higher. Though, the site is a new launch (1.5 months) and the site we had before was under a different domain.

For instance, the first site framingtech dot com is the first site listed under this search query.
My site mbkit dot com

I did a comparison myself and found the following was different with their site. If there are other things I should check for, I would appreciate any other additional helpful tips to look for as this will help me build the site:
(please note I am just comparing index pages for now)

-Their page is much slower via gtMetrix – my site has a score of 91% with a 2.1s loading time compared to their score of a 21% and 3.3s loading time.
-Their site’s index page has very minimal content where as my page has much more (not saying it is a lot, just in comparison) – content is king right?
-I feel my content covers my keywords much better
-I have schema applied, though this does need worked on

Can anyone point to something that I may be missing or is there a tool out that can help compare the two sites while listing a final review to determine which site is theoretically better based on the selected keyword?

I would really appreciate the help.

Canonical mismatched?

I am using Cheddars site – Page Explorer, to check onsite SEO tags and elements to do some optimization on a site I am working on. For some reason whenever I type in to page-explorer, it says the site does not exist. Then when I just type in it says the canonical is a miss match.

The site is structured to always load as per the .htaccess file and this is what the canonical is set as.

Does anyone know why the canonical is showing as a mismatch?