Google Search in the Next 20-Years

Google this week talked about how search has changed, and how it sees search changing over the next 20-years.

If you’re serious about gaining traffic and "ranking" you need to understand how traffic might be coming to your site, so you should read and understand how it’s all going to change.

The three fundamental shifts Google believes will happen are: A switch from answers to journeys, a shift from queries to a queryless way of getting information, and th shift from text to a visual way of finding information.

AI will help it achieve these goals, which means that the machine learning will be better understanding what people search for and view, surfacing other pages and sites which may be relevant. Google has long talked about relevancy, and that has to be part of SEO’s understanding on how their site and services feature at all.

Ten blue links on their own have long been old hat, however, millions of pages are still based upon relying on being found through those links.

You really must read the full document here…next-20-years/

How are you changing your SEO to help meet these fundamental changes?

Off-page SEO tricks?

Hi there! I want now to know SEO Off-page Tricks?
and How many months it will take to get 1st-page rank in search engine?
Tell some tricks Off-page Submission Activities especially in Classifieds and bookmarking!
how many Classifieds do we need to cover to get my keyword position rank in 1st page in a search engine through organic?

Possible to rank well using the REDDIT WEB Theory?

Been on Reddit a while and see that some outbound links are do-follow and some aren’t, but most of mine are which I presume is because I’ve been on the forum for a while and I mod several subs.

First off, this wouldn’t be spamming for some churn n’ burn site. It would be legitimate links to reputable websites across the board. Here’s the idea: A Reddit Web

  • Tier 1 is several subreddits (some I mod, some I don’t) to the "money" website.
  • Tier 2 is several subreddits with links to the Tier 1 subreddits.
  • Tier 3 is several subreddits with links to the Tier 2 subreddits and the "money" website’s social profiles – Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.

As far as do-follow vs. no-follow, both have value. As I said, I get both from Reddit, but TRAFFIC is the goal of the day for this theory. Reddit can drive serious traffic if the link is legit, helpful and not from some one-post wonder spamming the subs.

This theory is a work in progress. I know a Reddit backlink is valuable since its an authority website and Google’s algo LOVES those. Plus, as I said, they can drive traffic – and that’s the endgame.


Not showing on Google

Good Day,

Thank you for your assistance in advance.

I’ve been building online communities for 8 years and have always been playing the long game of building a website and then using social media to drive awareness before focussing on improving the Google rankings.

But I’m working on a website which isn’t showing up in the SERPS at all even when going back all the way to page 30.

The website has been crawled

But when searching for keyphrases (Cape Town Tours, Township Tours Cape Town, Shark Cage Diving Cape Town, etc.) the website is NOWHERE to be found.

Usually when I’ve built websites in the past, the rankings weren’t good but at least there was a starting point which I could check and see how the website improves from month-to-month.

Any advice? Or any insights?

The website has been online for 3 months.

Thank you,

asking about content marketing

content marketing is increasing day by day that you may know well. content is a vital part of the SEO.
but can you assure that the users will read your content completely? how many of them are reading your content?
this is a very markable question because content should be attractive always.
there are lots of agencies who work for content marketing. but how can you prove that your content is too good?
sorry, I am in confusion, so I am asking this question? can anybody tell me?

article publishing frequency


we have a CCTV online store.
every 3 days exactly at 10 am, an article is published.

our competitors don’t publish articles often, maybe an article every month. with keeping this in mind,

my question:

Is it necessary to publish articles every 3 days?

if we publish an article every 5 or 7 days, we have more time to edit old articles and work on their content quality, on-page seo, page title, meta discreption and so on.

what do you guys think about this? isn’t doing this better?

Google Detecting Real Page as Soft 404 Error

We’ve migrated my site (E.g page: from HTTP to HTTPS protocols in Sep 2017 but I noticed after migration soft 404 granularly increasing.

But these soft 404 error pages are real pages but Google still detects them as soft 404. When I checked the Google cache it shows me the cache but with HTTP page.

We’ve tried all possible solutions but unable to figure out why Google is still important to HTTP pages and detecting HTTPS pages as soft 404 error.

Can someone please suggest a solution or possible cause for this issue.

Nilesh Shirke

How do I rank a blog style homepage?

I have a magazine style website where the inner content is being ranked but the homepage is nowhere to be seen.

The reason for this is because the content on the homepage is just snippets leading to the articles in the inner content.

Any ideas on how I would get the homepage to rank for general queries relating to the niche the website is about?