New SEO Project

What a fantastic day!
I’m starting a new SEO project for which I need some well-established websites to work on.
Ideally I’d like to find websites with a small revenue stream of around €100/monthly.

The website needs to be at least 3 years old, and we need historical Google analytics data. As we see it there are two ways to do it.
1. Buy interesting prospects and work on them.
2. Collaborate with somebody that wants some help with their sites.

My questions are:
1. Anyone interested in selling older site with small revenue via for instance Adsense or affiliate marketing?
2. Any recommendations where I can start looking for these kind of sites?
3. Anybody interested in collaborating?

It would be fun to discuss this matter more!

Be Happy, get Lucky!

Why Why Why… Is this violating policy?!

Hi All,

We have a Google Shopping account, has been running for quite some time.

Recently, products have been randomly started being dissaproved – we don’t know why!

We have spoke to Google with little help,

We have put them in for Manual Review – they came back still disaproved.

We are an online pharmacy – the product we have in Google Shopping are only products that pass Google’s policy on types of medicines.

The products listed below are sold by tons of other retailers big and small on Google Shopping,

Can someone help me understand what is wrong with this landing page?!…ing-powders-20

Thank you in advance,

Seomoz spam score

Hello again, I was looking in MOZ at the inbound links to one of our category pages. I sorted by highest spam score. A lot of the inbound links are from a forum domain that is showing a 74% spam score in MOZ. This forum is a very active forum with lot of the links being as recent as this month. The users on the forum share a lot of our deals, frequently. There are a couple of these kinds of forum sites that are "hurting" our spam score, according to MOZ. Should I disavow these links? Thanks again, for the advice.

SEOMOZ On-Page Grader

Hello – I am using SEOMOZ on page grader to see why my competitors are ranking higher than mysite on keywords. When I look at the keyword on Google to see the SERP I see several competitors above us in the rankings. When I use the MOZ page grader tool to compare the two pages (mine and our competitors) I see that our page has 98 keywords found , page score of 85 and out of 27 factors 5 hurting us. When I look at the same keyword for the competitor that is coming up first they have Page Score of 73, 5 keywords found 8 area hurting their score out of all 27 factors. I don’t understand why we wouldn’t come up higher in the SERPs? I appreciate any thoughts.

duplicate guest post link juice


I write some articles and publish each one to 2-3 high authority websites for backlinks
I know this is kind of duplicate content but I do not need this guest posts to rank in Google
I just need the power of backlinks from those sites

So I want to know does Google effect backlinks from the same content with the same linked anchors in 2 different websites?

Thank you

CreditKarma Reports my info was breached from seochat

A weird notice I received today from Credit Karma. I recognize this is from 2016. But I saw the notification for the first time today.

Quote: breach

July 1, 2016

In July 2016,’s database was allegedly breached. Even if you don’t use your account anymore, it’s important to protect any info that was exposed.
Exposed info


Your password was exposed in this breach, but we don’t know what it is.

After reading that, I came here to change my password only to get notifications that the site is not secured. A basic of SEO is to use SSL. Google recognizes that. What’s going on?

Blog-posts pages are dominating in search console "Internal Links".

Hi all,

Ours is WordPress website and we have a blog… All the important pages in the website are well linked from top and footer menu. But in our webmasters…internal links section, only homepage is at the top. Blog-posts are others followed by homepage. I wonder why blog pages are dominating our website pages. Please give your suggestions on this. Do you think Google will give more priority for the blog-posts than website pages as they are more linked technically?


Sudden drop in rankings, don’t undertstand why

Recently I came back to my site that I didn’t do any SEO for since a few years. First thing I noticed is that Google was no longer considering it mobile friendly. So I updated the mobile template to bring the site up to the Google requirements. Also I registered a trial account with one Google rank checking tool. That’s all what I did. And right after I did that, around October 20, my site’s rankings have dropped for all important keywords and for all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet). This resulted in a significant visitor drop as seen in the graph below.
It can’t be a coincidence but I am really baffled. I don’t see any reason why the rankings could have dropped because of what I did. I am even getting a weird idea that the Google ranking service might have done something to force me to buy their paid subscription. I know that sounds weird but really I can’t find a more logical explanation.
Does anybody have an idea why this might have happened?