Personal blog regarding SEO

Hi guys.
I have lot of time to write on this website. I have create a personal blog where teach newbies what is SEO.
Some of my articles I created until now are the following.

1) Archieve a re-targeting through SEO with the help of the SMO
2) Search console & Analytics is part for SEO
3) Use Schema technique to improve your ranking
4) Reasons why bing is important for your SEO strategy
5) What are the top skills I need to look when I need to hire an SEO expert.
6) What is the role of multi-language content in SEO.

Also I have created the blog through blogger website. I am front end developer but the reasons that I choose blogger are the following.
1) Blogger use schema and the latest SEO methods. You don’t need to be an expert because is SEO friendly this google service.
2) Beginners need to understand that they can still use free tools which if you use them correct they got a lot of ”power”.

I don’t know if I provide links from my articles could be a spam. The website is just a simple SEO educationr blog. 0 advertisments . I am doing it on my free time. I think I have a lot of knowledge in the SEO (programming , digital marketing , content writing).
Final I my aim and vision of the blog is to make my audience to have a basic critical thinking in SEO.

Question about a specific keyword

I have found some keywords with big volume traffic and they are low competition. I have good knowledge about SEO.

I also know that if i have a domain and I type to google the ”word” example the domain by it’s own will not rank you. Anyway my question is something different about Greek language and greek domains..

Lot of people search for yahoo but they forgot to change keyboard layout so they are doing ” υαηοο (in greek) "
That word means nothing. An example in English is like say to someone the word ”uaxoo”. Do you understand anything? Nop

So my question
That keywords can get rank on google? The reason I am asking is because when I type with greek characters google is highlight the english words…
So if i type in google "υαηοο (yahoo without change the Greek keyboard to english)" in the results will highlight me the original yahoo word.
So my question
The competition is through the word yahoo or the greek characters?