Traffic drop from latest Google updates


I run a UK based locksmith business with a well ranking website. On the 1st August and 27th September my site lost around 70% of its Google traffic, with a noticeable drop in keyword rankings.

My research leads me to believe these dates coincide with two Google updates and websites with low E-A-T will have been negatively effected. My site is not medical based, nor a YMYL site, so not sure what caused it to be hit?

My understanding is that this is not a penalty, and nothing needs to be done to improve ranking, it’s just that other sites have been rewarded and are now ranking higher, thus lowering my rankings.

Have any of you guys worked on clients sites that lost traffic from these updates, and have you been able to recover them?

Any advice on what steps I should be taking to regain rankings would be well received.

Thanks in advance.

Rankings effected from malware

Hi all,

Not posted on here in a very long time.

One of my websites was infected with malware. I cleaned up the site, restored from a previous uninfected backup and requested a review from Google using the link in the search console.

Google emailed today to say the review was successful and that the warnings visible to users are being removed.

My site is now accessible without any warnings, however, my rankings have seriously dropped and have not returned. Is this normal? Will the rankings return or do I need to do anything else?

Many thanks for the advice guys.