Blog and forum commenting ?

A competitor of mine has clearly embarked on a campaign of blog and forum commenting. I know this because they have tried to comment on my blog and always attempt to put a link to thier content in the blog comment.

My personal feeling is it is all a bit spammy. But ive also noted their presence in search results. So Im guessing the links, even though low quality, have given them a bit of a boost.

Should I get involved in Blog and forum commenting for links, or is it considered a spammy practice best avoided ?

Old Site Lost Rankings

Hi Guys,

I once ran an active site which ranked well for local community type events. I used to update the page for a specific event with new times, dates, pictures and information every year. The pages did well and brought in a lot of traffic to the website.

I stopped updating the site. The events pages now relate to dates many years ago. Obviously they now no longer rank for the events/keyword.

I have a new website where I would like to list the same types of events. I am wondering if there is any milage in using the old pages on my old website ?

Should I

1. 301 the old pages on the old site to the new pages on the new website.
2. Put some generic content about the event on the old pages and then put links in the text to the new website. Somthing like "For Updates and information on this years event, Go here"
3. Something different ?

Google Local Question – What is This Box Please ?

Hi Guys, attached is a screen shot of a screen I see when I type in my business name. Im especially interested in the side box on the right.

What is the box called please and are there any particular seo methods employed on making it show and what content it shows.

If for example there were 2 people of the same name, with the same business in the same town. Which one would it show, and why ?

Google Plus, google Local Whats It All About ??

Im understanding the need for Local Search for local business. But how are we as web masters meant to keep track of What Google are up to ??

One week we join Google plus, next week you go back and they changed it to something more confusing.

Im tryting to get my customers to engage in Google Plus (Or whatever its called) and leave me business reviews based on their purchases and engagement with my business.

I now have 9 reviews. But Im struggling to relocate them. Has the url changed ?? What even is the url for my reviews ?

What chance when I dont even know what Url to give my customers for revieiwing my business. Why is the whole Google plus things so damn confusing.

Talk about confusing. Its abysmal.