Domain Hosting

I looked but didn’t see a better place for this post. I have a question about domain hosting. Just got a substantial domain
price increase from my regular host today. Almost $19 for a .com annual renewal. Since I have several domains, I would l
would love to get some recommendations. What is your favorite domain host and expected pricing?

New Google Guaranteed Listings

It appears that Google is vying for some of the money lost to Angie’s list with these Google Guaranteed listings that are now above the Adwords Ads. As if Organic optimization wasn’t difficult enough, Google is in effect placing up to 5 – 6 paid listings above Local. And then Organics. Google has been slowly eroding away at organic traffic, but seem to have stepped up their game in the past year :(

Any thoughts?

Page Speed

Ok, I have been involved in a few threads here about page speed and my comments about it not being a significant factor haven’t been so well received :wink:

But here are some comments from Mueller about it. He states that Time to First Byte is in no way used in the ranking algo.…yte-24847.html

Desktop Popups

What do you think about possible penalties for desktop popups?

Yes, we have heard so much about mobile interstitial penalties, and rumors that popups penalties may eventually trickle back to the desktop applications too. In fact, in researching this topic, I came across SEO sites with popups.

But I ask, because I just saw a check in rankings for a site I just implemented a desktop only popup. The drop was minimal, 1 – 4 positions in placement loss, but I wasn’t expecting a drop across so many keywords.

Signature Links

Just a reminder about exercising care when adding links to your signature. I’ve had a new domain underperforming for a few months now and decided to check the link profile. I found the majority of my links originated from my signature here in SEO Chat. Three days after removing it, I landed on the 2nd page in Google for the keyword I had embedded in the link.

New Domain and SERPS

I saw a Matt Cutts video a few years ago where he stated that Google ‘holds’ a new domain from ranking well for about 2 months. This of course is to catch and eliminate potential spam sites.

I usually take 6 weeks or so to develop a new site, so this has never been an issue. But I recently purchased a domain and developed the site in about 10 days, ha. Its been a bouncy road since.

While Google hasn’t let the site rank for anything really and is holding most all SERPS back to the 4th page or further, Yahoo competitively ranked me in a few days. Then they de-indexed me. Then they ranked me. Then they de-indexed me. While they are keeping me in the SE currently, they will give me competitive rankings for several days, then take it all away.

The domain is now just over 2 months old.

Is anyone more familiar with what I can expect by developing a new domain so quickly?

Firefox Cache

Firefox has often been my choice of browsers, particularly for its ability to refresh on its own when checking SERPs. But I am currently unable to refresh. I have manually deleted the cache on numerous occasions in the last few week, with no success. Anyone else having this issue with FF? I am getting SE results that are several days old.