Google Search in the Next 20-Years

Google this week talked about how search has changed, and how it sees search changing over the next 20-years.

If you’re serious about gaining traffic and "ranking" you need to understand how traffic might be coming to your site, so you should read and understand how it’s all going to change.

The three fundamental shifts Google believes will happen are: A switch from answers to journeys, a shift from queries to a queryless way of getting information, and th shift from text to a visual way of finding information.

AI will help it achieve these goals, which means that the machine learning will be better understanding what people search for and view, surfacing other pages and sites which may be relevant. Google has long talked about relevancy, and that has to be part of SEO’s understanding on how their site and services feature at all.

Ten blue links on their own have long been old hat, however, millions of pages are still based upon relying on being found through those links.

You really must read the full document here…next-20-years/

How are you changing your SEO to help meet these fundamental changes?

Google Drops Public Site Submission

Google has stated it’s dropped the public site search submission feature.
I didn’t realise it was still there as i’ve never needed to submit a site for many, many, many years. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I used it.
Google is good at finding urls, in fact, almost too good in some cases.

It does, of course, retain the tool in the Search Console, which all i’ve used to correct url issues, or to use a great sitemap.

Good inbound links work well, too.…65243172888581

Google announces search quality improvements

Google has decided to publish some information about its search quality improvements it has been working on over recent months.
I’m sure most of us already know much of the detail,m but it looks as if google is trying to get to grips with some of the challenges it has faced, and then now confirm what its done.

Here’s the blog post from Google.…ements-search/