How Optimising For Multiple Locations!

Let’s say I am a plumber based in NYC. I do Provide services in Queens, Brooklyn, Elmont, and Hewlett.
My targeted keywords are
  1. Plumbing Services in Queens
  2. Plumbing Services in Brooklyn
  3. Plumbing Services in Elmont,
  4. Plumbing Services in Hewlett

How Should I optimize these?
Creating multiple pages with unique content will make take forever if I serve a bigger location :roll:
Same Content with replaced keywords will lead to duplicate content … I think…:shock:

Is it better to build a directory kind of site? or What Else?

Ideas Please.

Thanks for reading.

Give me your Ideas!

I have heard Google ranks big websites. I want to know from your experience how many pages you had when you 1st started to rank?
how many days did it take for you to reach in the 1st page? What was your targeted keyword competition?

How do I know if I am doing a good job on my site or destroying its future?

I really need your help guys.. I am trying to build something that can save a lot of futures + human lives.