FB posts on Google My Business question

Hi All, We recently got our Google My Business Listing (GMBL) up and running for our
yoga training business. For a number of years we’ve had an active FB page and we post
about 2-3 post per week on our FB page.

Our FB posts are nice and get good engagement. So we think putting all our FB
posts onto our GMBL would be good. But we want to check with some experts first.

Should we post all our FB posts onto our GMBL? Is that good for making our GMB listing
more engaging?

I did a google search on this and didn’t find a specific answer. Thanks!

Google plagiarism penalty?

Hi All,

I’m the webmaster for a small community service organization. We’re overseen
by a larger organization that has their own website separate from ours. The boss of our
small group wants to repost a blog post from our larger parent organization. I told the
boss that would be risky cuz google could detect it as plagiarism and penalize our
website. We could easily get permission to repost the article but I’m still worried about
google slamming us with a plagiarism penalty.

If I include this text "This article reposted
with permission from __" will google see it clearly and not give us any penalty? Or could we
still get hit with a google plagiarism penalty even with the disclaimer text?

We’ve worked hard to get good rankings and I’m very nervous about anything that
could damage our good SEO.

Your feedback most appreciated. Thanks!

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Google analytics shows drop in sessions traffic.

Hi All, Newbie here,

I’m looking at our Google Analytics (GAn) data for amritayoga dot com. On Oct 22 our Organic, Social and Referral sessions traffic
dropped to zero and the Direct traffic stayed the same. I went to the Google Search Console (GSC) and our Total Clicks showed no
change. Oct 22 was the same time as the big DDOS attacks happening in the USA and it was very hard to access the
website. I think our webhost service (HostNine) was affected by the attack.

How could our GAn Organic, Social and Referral traffic drop to zero but our GSC Total Clicks not change at all? Could there
be a tracking problem with GAn? I used the Google Tag Assistant tool and it looks the GAn tags are firing normally on the various

Also around Oct 22 I changed the category of some of our WordPress blog posts.

I just checked and it appears that our Organic, Social and Referral traffic may be recovering just a little bit. Hard to tell for sure.

Any ideas what caused the traffic drop on Oct 22? How would you research this? Thanks,

question about internal linking on a site

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Hi All,

SEO newbie here.

At my website amritayoga dot com each blog post page has a right sidebar that
links to the 5 most recent posts.

Also on the bottom of each blog post page are links to 4 "related posts" automatically
selected by the Divi WordPress theme.

Are these 2 things enough to create a good internal linking structure for our blog posts? Or
should I also be creating some manual links?

I’m asking cuz I did some research and it looks like Google likes sites that have good
internal links. And I don’t want to waste time creating manual links if there’s already
enough good internal links.

Please advise. Thanks,