Google Search Result Display

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I trust all is well.

I just wanted to get some feedback of how to set up your organic search results similar to:

Does Google decide this on their own or is there a way you can influence the search results in this manner?

1) My website is food-blog: We’ve got a proper meta-description set up but this isn’t showing. I’m not too bothered as we’re in #1.

2) But I am intrigued of how Vibescout has gotten those sub-links (?) included in their search results? That might be a really good strategy to draw the eye when in position #2 and #3 for some of our rankings.

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Not showing on Google

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Thank you for your assistance in advance.

I’ve been building online communities for 8 years and have always been playing the long game of building a website and then using social media to drive awareness before focussing on improving the Google rankings.

But I’m working on a website which isn’t showing up in the SERPS at all even when going back all the way to page 30.

The website has been crawled

But when searching for keyphrases (Cape Town Tours, Township Tours Cape Town, Shark Cage Diving Cape Town, etc.) the website is NOWHERE to be found.

Usually when I’ve built websites in the past, the rankings weren’t good but at least there was a starting point which I could check and see how the website improves from month-to-month.

Any advice? Or any insights?

The website has been online for 3 months.

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Redirects/Aggregator Site

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I’ve got 3 websites/blogs where we are publishing news about 3 specific areas in my country. Now I’m looking to create one aggregator website that will pull in all the rss news feeds to create a summary of all: like a magazine-style website. It would be a summary of my current 3 websites. I’m not doing this for links; I just think it would be a cool idea my visitors would appreciate. The magazine would also include exclusive news or news that isn’t a good fit for my current sites (international news/entertaining news/interesting facts/etc.) as incentives for visitors to go there.

I’ve found a wordpress theme/template (Silver Orchid) that I really like but I don’t have a budget to modify the theme to pull in all the headings from my current websites automatically. I was thinking that I would create the posts on the magazine website, leave them blank or just add the featured image that displays on home and then redirect it to the specific local website.

We post about 5 times a week on the local websites; over a year that would be 52 weeks x 5 posts x 3 websites = 780 redirects. As the websites grow, the posting frequency might increase per week. Would that be a problem, a site that would consist of 4 categories (general, location1, location2, location3,) and 75% are just redirects?

I’ve got zero budget to modify a theme or template and I doubt there are any free ones around that will allow to pull in 3 different rss feeds the way I want so that the home page looks good. Are the redirects a good solution?

Any advice? suggestions?

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