Excluding locations by radius in Adwords

Is it possible to exclude locations based on radius?

The business is organically #1 for all our main terms within a 2-3 mile radius of our business. This is the location I would like to remove ads from appearing.

So… 2-3 miles from HQ = exclude
But show ads to those 3-5 miles from the location.

Seems like Google doesn’t let you do this, furthermore there’s no location name which represents the 3-5 mile radius so I’m a bit stuck.

Is there a way, or am I being stupid here?

Thoughts on CTR being a ranking factor?

Through logic, I assume CTR and Dwell time would be a ranking factor – if Google could pull it off. Up to now, I’ve mostly seen people say "it is" or "it isn’t" with little to back their opinions up, especially in the "it is" side of thinking.

I was just wondering, from experience ranking your client’s sites – or maybe your own experiments, if anyone has any knowledge they’d like to share? Or even better, evidence.

I’ve seen the experiment from Rand at Moz, where he tweeted to tell people to click on his result which increased CTR, his ranking did end up increasing drastically; but with such an experiment you’d think it would’ve maybe got linked back too etc, so I’m not too sure how reliable this is.

I know this can become quite a heated debate, but I’d just like to see some form of evidence as I’m still on the fence

Where to learn Adwords effectively

Hey guys,

I’ve fiddled around with Adwords, but I’d like to take some sort of a course in it to improve my knowledge to avoid having to hire professionals in the future for a project which is coming up soon.

With SEO – 90% of courses, articles or anything education tends to be BS. I don’t want to enrol on a course, or read sources which will be steering me in the wrong direction.

If anybody could recommend any courses, good blogs and so on for me to gather as much information as possible.


How to cool down from bad customers

I don’t actually know why I’m making this post…

I own a little business which searches for driving tests…

I’ve worked very hard over the past 10 months, I work 18 hour days… reply to every customer within a minute or so, break my terms and conditions to please the customer if necessary. I decided to link up with a third party review company…

Loads of 5* reviews, happy days… Then I had two clients say something along the lines of "excellent service, wouldn’t change a thing!" then 3 star me… I mean?

Today, a client filled out their information completely wrong, and because of this, we booked a date which they didn’t really want, but – they filled out that they did want this date, so it actually their error. First thing they do is write me a 1* review, due to their mistake.

Firstly, I’m very nice about it… say I’ll do everything I can to fix their issues! I’ll find an alternative appointment for them etc etc… get nothing but rudeness back, despite the fact it was their fault. Called the software "stupid" for not "figuring out" that they didn’t want this date.

My inexperience got to me and I lost my professionalism for one email. Wish I didn’t, it my reponse wasn’t too bad, but I shouldn’t have done it. It now feels like months of licking licking my clients A… priding myself in excellent support has now gone down the pan because of a client with an IQ of a pea. My rating has now fallen loads…

Just really annoyed… What do you guys do with troubled clients?

Suspended from Adwords, no idea why?…

Hey guys.

I got this from google today, saying my site was banned from adwords.

This was their reasoning:

"Policy violation:
Untrustworthy Behavior

About this violation:
When we suspend an advertiser for untrustworthy behavior, it typically
means there is something fundamentally wrong with the business itself,
posing an immediate threat to our users’ safety — whether online or
offline. Examples of untrustworthy behavior include enticing users to part
with money or information under false or unclear pretenses; presenting a
false identity, business name, or contact information; charging users for
products or services typically available for free; and sites that
are "phishing" for users’ information."

I don’t understand, because my competitors who I know are rouge, have been running ads for years. Here I am, doing everything by the book and I get this? I’m not sure what I have done wrong…

This is my site : speedy (no space) tests ().co.uk()driving-test-cancellations

Does anyone have any idea what the issue is?

Blog ideas. Whether to use humour or not?

Hey, guys.

I’m about to go all out on blog posts for maybe the next 4-6 months. Probably using Facebook ads, knowing I have little chance of any getting any ROI for a very long time but it will be good for the brand. In the back of my mind, hopefully, this will yield some natural backlinks and an extra stream to the ‘money’ page.

My business is in the industry of driving lessons/driving tests. So writing about manoeuvres and so on is what I plan to do… Whenever I see other blogs writing about this, it’s very boring. Informative, but boring. The age of my target audience would be between 17-22. Which is within my age range too.

If I was to put humour in the blogs to stand out, do you think this would be counter productive? Because the topic is reasonably serious. I’ll give an example, I’ve been writing a blog about parallel parking, and I’ve written… ‘parallel parking can be a bit like my ex, an absolute mind f***.’ Now, 10 years ago – this would have been perceived as incredibly unprofessional. But, to me… it’s different… stands out from robotic professionalism, and ultimately, the target audience aren’t professionals themselves?