AdWords Ads Often

I realise I post a lot of threads here, and I apologise for it, but I need some advice.

How often should you change your Google Ads adverts?
I am trying to design a new campaign structure, with an emphasis on leaving it alone to bring in enough data to properly analyse it.

I know that by making frequent changes to bids or budgets, the eventual results you get will be skewed.
But does creating new adverts do the same thing?

Should I create one set of adverts and leave them for a month before making changes?
Or can I remove any under-performing adverts once they reach a certain number of impressions?

My main concern is messing up the data the campaign gathers, but also I obviously don’t want underperforming advetrs staying in the campaign longer than the need to.

The internet is annoyingly vague on this topic, and I can’t see anywhere a suggestion of how often to change adverts for new ones.
So does anyone here have any advice?

Thanks in advance!

Mixed Match Types

Hi all,

This morning I rang Google to discuss optimisation of my account.
One suggestion the person made was that they don’t recommend using multiple match types in an ad group.
Also that (for my account), they would recommend just using Broad Match Modifier.

I didn’t think at the time to ask why they recommend this, so has anyone else heard this/can explain it?

I assume they think multiple match types for the same keyword will compete with each other?
I had never heard this suggestion before and can’t really imagine why they think it would be helpful.

PPC Landing Pages Cloaking

Hi everyone,

I recently read that making separate, personalised home pages for your site are considered ‘Cloaking’
Since all traffic from these pages still leads to the same place.

However, is this the same thing with PPC Landing Pages?
You can test separate pages to see what works best, but does Google see that as cloaking too?

We are currently using almost identical landing pages, but only personalised to different locations.

Obviously, if this is a Blach Hat technique then we need to stop it asap.

Thanks in advance!

Bark Strategy

Hello all,

I have another question about my boss’ way of thinking.

He’s currently obsessed with Bark (The lead-generation website) and how they are running their PPC campaigns.
He seems to think they get very cheap leads in for terms like ‘web designer’
because they have adverts running constantly and aiming at the entire of the UK.

I am so sure that isn’t true, but as I say, I don’t know much about Bark as a company or how they work.

Does anyone here know anything about them and how they work?
Or of any decent tools that I can use to find out about their strategies.
I tried using SEMRush, but it came back saying they have no paid or organic traffic.
Unless I’m using SEMRush wrong (Which is entirely possible)

So yeah, any help at all would be great, since I’m not entirely sure what I’m even asking here.

Location Targeting Cost

Hello All,

I am relatively new to PPC and work for a business that offers these services.
We currently run a campaign for our local city and are getting not great results, with CTR or Average Cost.

My boss wants to run a new campaign that targets small locations, like towns and small cities.
He is convinced that this will yield lower costs, as these specific town names won’t have the same competition.

This doesn’t sound right to me: surely the cost will depend on the core keyword?
Also, with such a wide area we won’t be able to have targeted adverts, leading to lower CTRs?

Is this right? I honestly have no idea about this and would appreciate some advice on it.