Schema: Added on HP, where else?

I have recently added my organisation’s details at the homepage of the company that I am doing the SEO for and I wonder in which other pages should I add such script.
Some questions:
1) One competitor added the same generic organisation’s info at other subcategories/pages. Is that ok? Can the same exactly script be used to different pages? Will it help or it’s useless?
2) Are there any main schema themes that are good to be used? Like the organisation info that is important, is there anything else like must have? I am aware of the pages that present all different schema items, but I am wondering which are the most essential.
3) Regarding the knowledge panel. Except the schema info at the HP, are there other pages of the website that should include schema, so that the panel will appear soon? The schema at the HP was added 4 days ago with all related company’s links and nothing yet for the panel.

Hacked page, spam links discovered, but what about SERP?

At one of the pages that I manage, I have recently noticed at GSC a huge increase at Indexing. Around 16.000 of pages were added in just a few days.
By checking some of the links, I discovered that they were showing some University page, promoting some exam training packages.

Our IT is informed and they handled the problem, but I wonder now what I should do with do the indexing of all these pages.
We are talking about thousands of different links, based on our domain, like :

Just checked a few of them at SERP and they are still loading with the exam metadata info. Should I do some deindexing? Or just leave this and Google will remove them gradually?

Is the Linkresearchtools training legit?

I have found this offer from a website regarding LRT, which promises to deliver all the following:

  • Comprehensive online videos with Christoph C. Cemper
  • Lifetime Access to the LRT Associate Community
  • Learn all the methods – applied with the tools that LRT provides
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Link Audits
  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Link Quality Checks
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Link Prospecting
  • SEO Metrics
  • LRT Browser Extensions
  • and much more
  • a total value of € 445

My main question is if anyone had this course before and if there are truly some interesting things to learn from this training.
My focus is mainly on Link Building.

Is increased Organic Search figures the proof of good SEO?

SEO is connected with Organic Search, so I guess everyone should expect an increase of the Organic Search after an SEO expert starts working on a website.

My question is related mostly with the "not provided’ keyword, where at Google Analytics shows an increase of 16% for the page that I am managing.
But how safe is to say that it’s because of SEO that it has received such increase?

Keywords for other languages/countries

I have a request to prepare a list with kw for some affiliate websites, which will be created for Dutch and German audience.
There should be 3-4 sites per country and also I have to propose the best kw for the domains of these sites.

Now, the logic says that the keywords should be according to the language of your audience. But in this case, how an English-speaking SEO can help?
Any proposals?

Text location inside page

At a new page that I am managing with online games, there are dozen of icons per page and it is now decided to add content per category.
The only choice unfortunately is to add it at the bottom (right before the footer), which means it won’t be easy for many users to track it below all these icons.

My question is: will at least help Google understand and identify better the value of these pages, after the new content will be added?
Or it won’t affect at all the ranking of these pages because the visitors will have trouble reading the text at the bottom of the page?

Best Ranking tool?

I have tried several tools in order to find the position of some websites for specific keywords, but I get totally different results.
On the other hand, I cannot go manually and try every different kw at the Google results, so I am wondering if there is something out there that is considered to be reliable.

So far, I have tried:
- Semrush Position Tracking
- Fatrank Chrome extension

Any proposals for more accurate results?