PPC Competition End-Of-Month


One of my clients we do some SEO work for noticed that they are getting a lot busier towards the end of the month than during the month.

Is there any research out there that suggests that because businesses PPC budgets might be running low towards the end of the month
that organic results may get more traffic?


Local SEO For Multiple Locations


I’m redesigning a client’s website right now, and what he is most concerned about is popping up well for 4 different office locations.

Here is how I proposed to do it:

His 4 locations are Waco, Marlin, Temple, and Dallas.

The main site would target Waco. Then, I would make a page called locations which would have minimal information about the other towns with a learn more button.

Then, there would be a landing page for each town that would be located at /locations/town.

Then, for each service, there would be a page exactly like the other services pages, but that would target the different towns.

For example, /locations/dallas/dallas-criminal-defense-attorney.

What do you guys think of this strategy?

Thank you in advance for your input.

Bad Article in SERP’s

Hi everyone. There is an article about one of my client’s business that is basically saying my client’s business is a rip off, and I was wondering if you guys had any strategies for how to get it off the first page. I know there likely is not a fast way, but any strategies would be appreciated.

Note: We have already tried reaching out and asking them to take the article down as it is just downright slander, but not luck.

Identifying Bad Links

I use Ahrefs and one of my clients has many more links than its competitors, but ranks much lower. I think it is because a lot of their backlinks are "bad links" and I need to put a disavow file together and submit it to Google.

My only problem is that I’m nervous about submitting site’s that are actually okay, and making my client’s rank even worse. A lot of the links are from random blogspot blogs, and they look super sketchy.

Any tips or guidelines for knowing which sites you should disavow, and which you should leave alone?

Thank you in advance to anyone who contributes.