How will my blogs get crawled without sitemap entry?

I am completely rebuilding a site for a friend of mine, and am in the process of completing the
blog section. I’m not using wordpress, however I have been studying the source code on pages
that utilize wordpress and yoast.

I have a question: Is there any way to ensure, or help to make more likely, that Google crawls
the blog posts, even though all the blogs obviously cannot be included in the sitemap file?

Getting Google to add menu sublinks to google search display.

Hello all. I’ve been doing my best to learn proper SEO and implement it on a page I developed
for a friend of mine. When I google, the google result for this page shows
the proper title and meta description, as well as a nice sublink menu underneath. I’ve added
relevant page titles and meta descriptions for each page, to no avail. Google still doesn’t even
have the updated title and meta description for my landing page, let alone my sub link pages.
I’ve setup google search console, and indexed my sitemap file, as well as many other SEO
optimizing techniques. I’m not sure what I’m missing.
The page is