Creating a module in magento

Magento is famous e-commerce platform built on open-source technology. Magento platform provides their online merchants some great features like – powerful marketing, search engine optimization, catalog-management tools, control over the look, control over the content, control over the functionality and unprecedented flexibility. However creation of magento module is not an easy task for a beginner. You need to have basic understanding of magento, php and html. First of all you should disable the cache as it causes many technical difficulties. Go to the app/code directory, in this directory modules are divided into three parts core, community and local. The app/code/core directory includes all the functionality for the products, categories, customers, payments, etc. The app/code/community directory includes third party modules. The app/code/local directory is empty and is provided to add custom-made modules. You need to create directories for module namespace, module name, configuring the module. You need to create a xml file to inform the Magento about the existence of our module and then do cross check for your module. Then define an event observer. You need to create a observer model when the event is triggered. The last step is the checking if your module works or not. Log in your magento admin panel and update a new product in the catalog and check the var/log folder to see if the yourproduct-updates.log file gets populated or not. For checking go to Admin Panel >> System >> Configuration >> Developer >> Log Settings >> Enabled.

Seo with joomla websites

If you have the joomla website there is no need to worry about it when it comes to seo. As you all know joomla is among the best Content Management Systems in the world. It has a large community of users. Previously doing seo for joomla websites was not easy. Now there are many plugins that can enhance your rankings in search engines and increase your traffic as well. You can add and edit your meta title, description, keywords and add your sitemaps automatically in just few seconds. Yesterday, I was searching for seo with joomla website from google search engine I have found a blog very informative on this and want to share with all of you here.

Joomla extensions for boosting your SEO

If anyone here has any other stuff regarding seo in joomla websites please share with me. Thanks in advance. :)

Difficulty in canonical tag

My website has two identical pages and . has 58 links in and page authority is 32 . has 652 links in and page authority is 38. I want to use canonical tag. Can anyone tell me for which url will I use canonical tag? :?