How to rank a page for a keyword in multiple cities?


My website is targeting whole country. It’s not location related. We dont have offices but we serve the whole nation. We dont have pages to cover multiple cities.

For one specific keyword, we used to rank in multiple locations but now we are ranking only on few locations (first page) and in other locations, we are not ranking at all. But the keywords are not location-related.

Why the same page optimized for same keyword ranking first page in few locations and not ranking in some locations.

Thanks a lot

How to make reviews more crawlable?

Our site has reviews section but only some of our reviews are getting crawled. How to make sure every reviews get crawled?

This is how the code looks like

<!– ratings and review start –>
<div id="userReviews" class="reviews_feedback_outer_container none">
<div class="reviews_feedback_inner_container">
<div class="rating_user_heading">User Reviews</div>
<div id="csatStats"></div>
<div class="spacer_6"></div>
<div id="csatReviews"></div>
<input type="hidden" name="totalReviewPages" id="totalReviewPages" value="1">
<div class="reviews_ink"><a href="JavaScript:void(0);" class="secondary_link" onclick="getCsatStats(‘list’);">View More</a></div>
<!– ratings and review end –>

Is it bad to link partner sites from website sitemap?


My business website has some partner sides – very similar and related business websites – I link some of the pages of partner sites from my sitemap. I dont think that would do any harm in SEO point of view. But my team mates says thats not how it’s supposed to be. Yes but i dont think any user go check sitemap and why should it matters?

Right way to fix do-follow paid backlinks?


Few websites are sending image based paid backlinks (Do-follow) to our website. I know Google doesnt like paid-links with dofollow. How bad is having nofollow backlinks? There are hundreds of pages which are sending backlinks. I wonder if removing them would harm our SEO in anyway? If we really need to get fix it, should we send those links It must be redirected through a file that is excluded by our robots.txt?