How old fashion are you?

Having spent 3 years in teen chat rooms before turning 18, regardless of my profile saying I am 17, It never fails to amaze me the difference in behavior between teens and adult chats. And I have to say, maybe the teens have got it right more than the `oldies` give them credit for.

Allow me to retaught. One of the biggest differences I notice is the sexual insecurities of the `oldies` men specifically.

In teen chat guys will often click on each others cams to see who is better looking and why some guys are getting all the girls attention.

The teen males will often chat on cam with total strangers that are also guys. Of course you do get some guys that will block because teen chat is inundated with pedophiles. Yes, true, go check it out sometime. So obviously you have to trust no one you haven’t seen on cam. But in adult chat, if you ask to check out a fellow male just so you can put a face to the name, they more often than not get all staunch and `I`m a man that plays sport and drinks beer out of the bottle` attitude. So I don’t give a shit either way, don`t get me wrong, but I am secure about my sexuality and am neither gay or bi, but I have no problem with anyone that wants to view my cam regardless of there sexual preference. Why would I care? It is a sad indictment of civilisation that once we leave our tender teen years we are coached by the behavior of others to maintain a homophobic attitude towards others. I don`t think many adults realise what is deemed normal in a teen chat room. As an example, my profile has an error in my date of birth that shows me as 17 when in fact I am 18, still a pup admittedly in some peoples eyes yet probably wiser to the ways of internet socializing than most. I am not allowed in the `playground` because of this, and frankly, I am grateful and bare no malice towards admins in-ability to allow me to change my birth year as I find the room a little desperate in comparison to the genuine banter I find in the main lounge, but hey, I judge no one, Probably when i am a judgmental middle aged man that think I have all the answers, that degree of sexual attention may appease my inability to form genuine relationships with out the aid of a keyboard and the anonymity of cyber space.

I digress. I urge you to visit a teen chat room some time and see how teens have been normalised to conduct innocent one on one social intercourse surrounded by adults asking for young girls or boys to cam with them and perform degrading acts. To click on a cam and find adult men, some in there late 60s masturbating in a room of teens between12-19 male and female, and to have adults constantly pm`ing anything that resembles a child asking if they can watch them masturbate on cam or if they can watch them masturbate. And well all this is constantly going on, the teens are busy hitting and hating on each other, discussing meaningless life events, flirting, and enjoying a mutual comradeship. So maybe next time someone that dosn`t fit your 22-50 average age grove here, give them a go and don`t assume they are green to the ways of the world in cyber chat, because the reality is, most of them are way smarter to the pit-falls of this form of social interaction than the majority of you. Now, dont judge this before you have actually done the due diligence and visited a number of teen websites with cams. Here`s a challenge for you. Log in as 13/f/Florida, If you last more than 30 seconds with out a total stranger hitting on you for sex or sending you a cam invite, only to open it and see an old man or younger man masturbating, or asking you if you have ever sucked….well, go figure. I`ll eat my hat!!! So if I ask you if I can view your cam, trust me, i do not give a shit how old you are, how pretty you are, whether your male of female, fat or thin. I have seen it all before!!! I`m probably just curious to know what you look like because I can. If you are a guy, relax, I love my girls! I am probably enjoying our banter and simply wish to put a face to the name.