Google webmaster tool show cache result but website show cache error

Hi Members,

I recently check my website cache status before a couple of days. It was completely cached but after some days when I again check cache so it was showig error.

I do fix the error & did request to check my website page on Google webmaster tool. The request was completed but my website pages wasn’t cache. Even I status in Webmaster tool is complete but still website pages are deindex.

Please see images to understand.

Please help me to understand what should I do to fix this.

Need confirmation about Bold Keywords in Description


I may be wrong but I need confirmation on this. I recently noticed that some keywords show as Bold in website description on SERP for example.

I shared this image.

You will see red mark colors words are bold in website descriptions. I just want to know are they just bold because of search term or they are bold by some techniques >