How do I rank a blog style homepage?

I have a magazine style website where the inner content is being ranked but the homepage is nowhere to be seen.

The reason for this is because the content on the homepage is just snippets leading to the articles in the inner content.

Any ideas on how I would get the homepage to rank for general queries relating to the niche the website is about?


Mobile-First causing Mobile Usability Issues?

All of my clients have been getting the mobile-first message in Google Search Console. Along with this, they’re seeing a spike in the number of Mobile Usability Issues appearing in Search Console as well. Nothing about the pages has changed and, quite frankly, they’re aesthetically sound.

For one particular client this seems to have affected their rankings.

Is anyone else observing this trend?

Rankings and Traffic following Yoast SEO update "bug"

Hey everyone, was looking for some advice.

I have a client WordPress site which lost 75% of their organic search traffic immediately after we updated the Yoast SEO plugin version we were using, as a result of the "media attachment bug" that was included in Yoast 7.0-7.2

I went into Google Webmaster Console, downloaded all URL’s, identified over 800 bogus media attachment redirect URL’s that were created as a result of the bug.

I then manually submitted all of them to GWC URL removal tool, double checked everything to make sure no legit URL’s were included.

Those URL removals were completed last week, but since then organic traffic has been even worse.

I resubmitted sitemaps, and rankings haven’t seen a huge decrease, but I was kind of expecting things to improve and not get worse following the removal of 800+ bogus URL’s.

Any suggestions? Client is becoming worried, "wait a few weeks and lets see what happens" is my last resort as an answer. Need to figure this out since it’s a big client, so any advice is much appreciated!

Creating websites for backlinks?


So I’ve noticed a competitor of ours is creating websites, dedicated to specific keywords that are relevant to his product.

Somehow these websites are managing to generate a good DA score, even though they are a one page website with no more than 300 words on them.

So my question is:

1) Is creating random websites with barely any info but are stuffed with keywords on it a blackhat practice or is this perfectly fine?

2) How are these websites gaining such good DA with barely anything on them or any links pointing to them?

Quite a noob to SEO so any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

SEJ Webinar

I participated in a webinar from Search Engine Journal today.

Today the guest speaker was Tim Soulo of Ahrefs. It was very interesting to say the least.

This webinar was about Guest Blog Posting, it was quite informative. To say the least it put Guest Blogging in a new light. The bottom line of it all was Ahref’s basically endorses Tiered Link Building.

This webinar was only 1 hour in length, so I invested the time. This co-operative event between SEJ and Ahrefs just fuels the fire on Guest Blogging. I must say it was quite ingenious they way it was presented. It basically described link wheels and Web 2.0 link building but not as such.

With events like this being sponsored by SEJ it is no wonder why people are still Guest Blogging. I honestly think it has merits to say the least.

Anyone else here participate in this ?

Old Site Lost Rankings

Hi Guys,

I once ran an active site which ranked well for local community type events. I used to update the page for a specific event with new times, dates, pictures and information every year. The pages did well and brought in a lot of traffic to the website.

I stopped updating the site. The events pages now relate to dates many years ago. Obviously they now no longer rank for the events/keyword.

I have a new website where I would like to list the same types of events. I am wondering if there is any milage in using the old pages on my old website ?

Should I

1. 301 the old pages on the old site to the new pages on the new website.
2. Put some generic content about the event on the old pages and then put links in the text to the new website. Somthing like "For Updates and information on this years event, Go here"
3. Something different ?

Google My Business – Local listing questions

Hi, I’m a small town local photographer in Bedford, VA. I’m indexed well with Google but not listed in Google My Biz. I’m concerned that I might be losing some business by not being listed on that map.

I’m also wondering, if I were to list, would my links and URLS such as blog posts and other pages be removed if I add my self to the listings? I normally come right up in the 1 or 2 spot.