Mini duplex

Căn há»™ MINI DUPLEX DUY NHẤT ở trung tâm thÃ*nh phố trong tòa tháp thuá»™c TOP 10 " TOÀ NHÀ CAO NHẤT THÀNH PHá»�"
Thiết kế căn há»™ MINI DUPLEX 2 tầng thông thoáng & có mức giá đầu tÆ° hợp lÃ* hÆ¡n rất nhiá»�u so vá»›i căn há»™ chung cÆ° thÆ°á»�ng
NGAY TRỤC Ä�ƯỜNG CHÃ�NH Kết nối các Quáº*n 1 vs Khu Nam SÃ*i Gòn.
TIỆN Ã�CH Ä�ẲNG CẤP 6 SAO - được quản lÃ* bởi Ä‘á»™i ngÅ© chuyên nghiệp.
VIEW 360 SÔNG - Tất cả các căn hộ đ�u có view thoáng mát
MỞ BÃ�N Ä�ỢT Ä�ẦU TIÊN vÃ*o trong tháng 7.
S� LƯỢNG KHAN HIẾM…4340594&type=3

A real case proved Moz keyword tool is not accurate on keyword difficulty.

Hi everyone, now I got a keyword phrase consists of two words, used Moz keyword tool to check its difficulty which is 42, it was much more difficulty than normal phrases which I usually met(normall their difficulty are always 20-30)

Let’s take a look at the SERPs from Google organic searches:

Top 1,2 are inner pages of homedepot,3 is of lowes, 4 is of amazon, 5 is of walmart.

6,7,8 are all inner pages of blog, 9 is a vieo from Youtube.

Based on the above resutles, can you say this phrase is of so much difficluty?

What’s the actual advantage of finding keywords with low competition & high searches?

I started article writing just a month back and while finding the best topics for my niche I found some keywords through google keywords tool with low competition and searches between 10k to 100k a month. I thought, it is perfect because I can write some quality articles using those keywords.

But, I just wanted to confirm that if I am thinking the right thing before I start writing. And, after discussing this on couple of forums, I got discouraged as most people said that it doesn’t matter if the keywords have low competition, it is not going to help in any way. All I have to do is better content, no matter which keywords I use.

I have no problem in writing quality content. But, do you guys think that working on the keywords which have low competition and high amount of searches is going to give me an edge over others? Isn’t it going to help me in attracting organic traffic?

Looking forward to some helpful suggestions.

New tool for "not provided" and long-tail keywords

Would anybody be interested in BETA testing our new keyword tool?

It extends the capability of Google Search Console well beyond what you currently get through Google’s own user interface.

For example, you can get all your "not provided" and long-tail keywords along with the corresponding landing page URLs and data about impressions, rank positions, clicks and click-through rates. You can also filter and manipulate the data any way you want.

I don’t want this post to be an advertisement. So, if you want to read more about SearchConsoleHelper, please go to:

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Should you have any questions, please post them here and I will reply as soon as I can.

Site Structure vs KeyWords/Phrases

Hey all, I am struggling with head vs tail terms when doing Keyword Research and how best to implement with regards to site structure; I would love some input.

I have a condo that I rent out year round in Ponce Inlet, FL with mission of: Rent the Vacation Condo Located in Ponce Inlet Florida Year Round by the Week or Month Including Special Events and Holidays

I keep getting stumped about site structure and keywords.

Knowing that I will never really rank for “Condo Rental,” I’ll go after the longer tail keyword phrases.

With that in mind, how would you structure your site (i’m on WordPress)? (long tail articles about the condo rental) (long tail articles about ponce inlet) (long tail articles about Daytona Beach)

I feel like the head keyword/phrase needs to be short but know I’ll never rank for them.

Curious to see where this conversation goes…thanks for your input.

Below is an example of where my brain was going while brainstorming.