Affiliate link redirection

Hello: I have a WordPress site filled with affiliate links. I want to make site be more "clean" so the idea is to get rid of affiliate links.
It is a relatively big site, over 1.8K pages. What I ‘ve learned is that using wp redirection plugins increase server load.

I also don’t want to have redirects on that domain so my idea is next:
1. Registering a similar domain name (same name, just different extension. .co instead of com) so people browsing site won’t maybe even notice thy are going to another domain.
2. Once someone click to that other domain, it will be redirected to affiliate link instead. That second site will have WordPress and redirection plugin.

what do you think,is this shady in any way and can it become shady at some point? I don’t want first site panlized.

Site Wide Backlinks From 3rd Party Website


Just looking at a clients backlinks and I noticed a large volume (400+) from one single website.

On closer inspection the links are in the right panel/bar of the website (homepage and 400+ internal pages), all are dofollow links and the same keyword rich anchor text e,g, new + product + deals

What is the best solution to ease the negative impact of these links as it seems the particular anchor text is hurting rank for that exact term.

My first thoughts were to ask the the 3rd party website to keep the homepage link with keyword rich anchor and then ask them to change the anchor text of the 400+ links on internal pages to the company/brand name.

Does anyone have an opinion or experience of this and would we need to go one step further and ask that all the 400+ backlinks on their internal pages are changed to nofollow ?

Thanks in advance …..:wink:

Morphology of natural link

What does a natural link looks like?

1. If I quote a website, I just copy the url and paste it like There is no link at all as I do not write <a href="></a>
2. Does the natural link looks like <a href="></a> having http in the url?
3. Does the natural link looks like <a href="></a> without http?
4. Does the natural link looks like <a href="></a> without http://www

Most of the backlinks of websites in my niche I checked is just like <a href="></a>

What do you think?

Link to clone content

I have a question, what happens if I:

- Write a good content on a comment on site Y
- I copy the content (written by me) in a post on my website X (adding / changing only a few words)
- I add a link to my post editing the comment (on site Y)

The questions are:

- What will Google do? Who will rank better in your opinion (excluding all the other ranking factors)?
- Can I get penalized for the cloned content or not?

Thanks to all will reply to me :)

Link Building Location

Hi there,

Recently started trying to improve the ranking of my online store, however I have no experience with the SEO of ecommerce sites. When I begin my link building campaign, would you guys recommend building links to just the home page, across the key pages or to as many pages as possible? (Products, blog posts e.t.c)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Best way to link site?

I am in the process of obtaining new links for my site. I know, it is stupid, I wasn’t doing this for years so I am trying to solve that now.
Anyway, considering that I am offering people to link my site in exchange for link on another site in my network,
I am looking for the answer to next question:

Is it better to link directly to the index page (domain name) or I should ask for links pointing to different pages (with different anchors)?

I am talking about few hundreds of niche relevant links that I want to get in the next period.

thank you