Where to start…. WordPress… Seo.. Css… Html.. ?

Hi guys.

I need a bit of advice please.

I want to start building a website in wordpress.

What should I start learning first? Css.. Html and after wordpress and Seo?

I have basic knowledge of wordpress that’s all.

Won’t be doing this as a job just want to do my own website.

Thanks guys.

Schema: Added on HP, where else?

I have recently added my organisation’s details at the homepage of the company that I am doing the SEO for and I wonder in which other pages should I add such script.
Some questions:
1) One competitor added the same generic organisation’s info at other subcategories/pages. Is that ok? Can the same exactly script be used to different pages? Will it help or it’s useless?
2) Are there any main schema themes that are good to be used? Like the organisation info that is important, is there anything else like must have? I am aware of the pages that present all different schema items, but I am wondering which are the most essential.
3) Regarding the knowledge panel. Except the schema info at the HP, are there other pages of the website that should include schema, so that the panel will appear soon? The schema at the HP was added 4 days ago with all related company’s links and nothing yet for the panel.

GA Queries

I do an SEO spreadsheet for a company each month with a basic SEO summary. The company has about 10k sessions a month with about 9k users, always growing. When I look at GA Queries, the clicks and impressions are always very low numbers – way below. In fact, this company is a print shop with the keyword ‘printing’ only having 53 impressions last month. Is this due to more people using https and Google not giving out this private information?

Utilizing website builders

Some webmasters may prefer to build everything from scratch, while others prefer to delegate the job to someone else. For example, if you are wondering about how to build a Squarespace website, https://websitebytonight.com is a good option to consider. I’m just wondering if these methods will show significantly different SEO results.

Blog and forum commenting ?

A competitor of mine has clearly embarked on a campaign of blog and forum commenting. I know this because they have tried to comment on my blog and always attempt to put a link to thier content in the blog comment.

My personal feeling is it is all a bit spammy. But ive also noted their presence in search results. So Im guessing the links, even though low quality, have given them a bit of a boost.

Should I get involved in Blog and forum commenting for links, or is it considered a spammy practice best avoided ?