How to avoid putting all your eggs in the same basket?

I had my whole network of sites nuked in 2010…

Lost everything due to exact match anchor text, negative SEO etc…

Now thinking of starting from scratch.

Now google punishes sites on same server, so I want to spread out my sites in case one of em gets dinged.

And please, please, please…no "write good content and nothing to worry about" comments, you can have a perfectly
fine and honest website and get banned….

So how should I do this? I thought about private registration and hosting on various hosts, some on siteground, some on
aws etc…

How can I prevent Google from putting all my sites in the same basket?

Redirect Old Domain

Hello All,

Going to try this again. Please everyone be nice.

Ok, so there is an old domain a .com, that at one time years ago got a manual action that has been removed. It still has some really bad links, some decent and has a great age and domain rating.

The other person create a new site with similar content, that is flourishing. The .net version. 2 times the organic traffic, doing very well.

Here is the question, what does everyone think about doing the best disavow job possible on the .com version to remove the bad links, when that has been accepted, redirect the whole domain to the .net at the domain level?

Thus, pulling off as many bad inbound links to the old .com site and keeping the good ones. Then redirecting.

Neither site has a manual action of any sort.

Thoughts? Thanks

How to redirect Category pages to Custom landing pages?

Hi guys,

Hoping you can help me figure out best way to do this.

As you likely know, default category pages in WordPress aren’t great and don’t allow much customizing in an easy way.
Instead, I’m looking to create a custom Page with a better layout targeting the Same Keyword – in this case, ‘car reviews.’

My goal is create a new, better page for ‘car reviews’ which will include a block allowing me to show all posts
from the current ‘car reviews’ category page.

Basically, I don’t want 2 pages targeting the same keyword (car reviews) – I can noindex the car reviews category,
and basically don’t want to pass any link juice to it. Or is that even the right way?

Really hope this question made sense!!

Appreciate your help.

Someone created a bot to insert 100,000+ links to my webpage from Wikipedia


Someone (not me, obviously) created 100,000+ different links to the root page of my website, by using a bot, from 100,000+ different pages of the edition of the Wikipedia of a country (in the minority language of that country, my website is in English).

Could this action damage my SEO? If so, any idea to remove all the links?

My website has 1,000,000+ webpages, I submitted them to Google through Sitemaps, but only 200,000 are indexed. Additionally, I’m suffering the Google sandbox effect, with pages which actually offer high-quality information for several searches, but with very low ranking within the SERPs. Could both events be related?

Thank you very much.

Schema: Added on HP, where else?

I have recently added my organisation’s details at the homepage of the company that I am doing the SEO for and I wonder in which other pages should I add such script.
Some questions:
1) One competitor added the same generic organisation’s info at other subcategories/pages. Is that ok? Can the same exactly script be used to different pages? Will it help or it’s useless?
2) Are there any main schema themes that are good to be used? Like the organisation info that is important, is there anything else like must have? I am aware of the pages that present all different schema items, but I am wondering which are the most essential.
3) Regarding the knowledge panel. Except the schema info at the HP, are there other pages of the website that should include schema, so that the panel will appear soon? The schema at the HP was added 4 days ago with all related company’s links and nothing yet for the panel.

GA Queries

I do an SEO spreadsheet for a company each month with a basic SEO summary. The company has about 10k sessions a month with about 9k users, always growing. When I look at GA Queries, the clicks and impressions are always very low numbers – way below. In fact, this company is a print shop with the keyword ‘printing’ only having 53 impressions last month. Is this due to more people using https and Google not giving out this private information?

cloaking and FLASH

Checking into a big drop in GOOGLE placement under the keyword "Fractions",
I looked into and they claim that one of my critical errors is:

Google: page isn’t same.
Cloaking is considered a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines because it
provides users with different results than they expected.

At one time pages were built with FLASH animation but after
reading that the IPAD and now many browsers are not crazy about running
FLASH aps I decided to switch over to ADOBE ANIMATE CC to write
animations with javascript. All done.
Since then I sent in a new sitemap.xml file that lists only the javascript versions
of the animations. I removed the FLASH versions from the xml file on the site
but the FLASH versions are still on site.

My guess is that is where Google thinks the "cloaking" is going on. I like to leave
the FLASH versions up because there are many links to them.

Here is what I’m considering:
Listing the FLASH animations in the robots.txt files such as:

Disallow: ../CompareL/comparel.html

Any opinions on this matter?