How to Do SEO Without Modifying and Representing Client’s Website

Hi guys. I have a client who is probably very busy because he is unable to reply to my emails.

This means that I am unable to do anything on his website (because he needs to approve anything that I plan to do on his website first) and I am also unable to represent his website in doing tasks outside of his website (ex. social media, etc.).

Despite this he continues to employ me, probably expecting me to just monitor his website and make sure that it is up and running. But I was hired to be a SEO Specialist and that is what I plan to do despite the limitations.

I am running out of ideas. So far I’ve only been commenting on some relevant blogs while dropping links to some of his pages. I know that this does not really have any direct SEO value but it is the only thing I can do that would not require his approval (because I act like a third person when commenting, not really representing his company name or his website).

Do you have suggestions as to what other activities I can do? Note that I cannot represent his name or his website in these activities, and I also cannot do on-page SEO.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Yes, I know the solution to this is to actually make the client cooperate. But it is not an option at the moment.


SEO certification is it worth it?

Hi all,

I’m new to SEO and have been reading a few books here and there and watched a number of begginner SEO videos on Youtube. I started developing an interest in this subject because my husband runs a local pet sitting business and he needed someone to perform digital marketing for his company. As I learn more and more about SEO, I realize how important it is to businesses in today’s world and I would like to turn this into my profession. I have been searching through some courses online with price range from $20USD to $500USD+. As a beginner, I would like to get some recommendation on which course teaches SEO more in depth and which one is worth my money. Thank you for your time.

Find similar sites list – per country

Hey guys,

I need to pull lists of websites per niche, per country. Doesn’t have to be "the most popular websites", just a list of websites relevant to each niche.
For instance, list of Norway sites, niche finance.

I need to download the list to excel sheet. What are the right tools for this? (can be free / not free).


urls index in webmaster but not in google search

I am facing an issue . the website is created in jan 2018 in feb I setup google webmaster and sitemap… The website url is showing index in google webmaster (search console) see screen shot.

but when I check in google search … only 70 approx urls is indexed… since month… check screen shot …

fyi .. my website is with .co domain and without ssl.

Wording Products

I have been wondering this question for a while and have tried to look a few times but can never find a honest answer and am hoping to find 1 here .
About 90% of my products are of the same material (Pewter) and have around 1000 items of them. At the moment about 40% of product names contain this word as I have kept away from using the word in every item.
So am wondering if I were to change this so every product contains this word would this be considered as spamming or just leave things as they are.


Valuing domains

I have a few old domains with MOZ DA in the 20′s.

What’s the best use for these domains?

  • Redirect these to my current sites?
  • Set up a landing page with links to my current sites (and some content describing those sites)?
  • Sell them? (Is there a market for domains with moderate MOZ DA? Wha could I expect to get for them?

Site structure question

I would be thankful to hear your opinions about next situation.

The current website is made in custom CMS that was never planned to be SEOed.
But changing complete website with integrated payment module and the established system seems like too much work.
I am aware that it would be the best option.

So the alternative is to leave the site as it is and create a new section that will target related keyword. Based on WordPress, for example.
Question is: will and how the "old" part of the site affect SEO performance of optimized pages in the new section?