Serp Analysis by Keyword?

I need help finding a tool I remember using a long time ago.
You would insert a keyword/phrase and get data on the top X results. For example number of times occurring in title, body, links etc. It would then give you a report saying something like "keep your keyword density in body between X and Y".

Maybe not the most useful tool today, but it would be fun to play around with it a bit again.

Somebody know which tool I’m talking about?

RankTrackr – New SEO Rank Tracking Tool

Dear Seo Chatters,

As you probably know tracking your search engine positions is crucial for your online business success for improving and applying right SEO strategies.

Past few months we’ve been working on a new SEO rank tracking tool called RankTrackr ( – Rank Tracker).
We decided to make our own tool because existing tools have been unsatisfying for our use because they weren’t accurate, had bad interfaces and were unreliable.

RankTrackr is a simple and powerful rank tracking tool with a minimalistic, intuitive interface. Its the first tool on the market that supports Youtube video tracking.



  • High accuracy of results
  • Google and Youtube tracking
  • Intuitive interface
  • Charts and trendlines
  • Mobile app
  • Results preview (allows competition analysis)
  • API access
  • Tracking local ranks
  • Website stats

We will give 5 Free 1-month Trial accounts, just reply under the thread with registered info so we can activate your account.
You can get your account here:

We would love to hear what you think about the service. Any feedback is highly welcome.


Downloads :: GoogleImageFinder

GoogleImageFinder – is a program for parsing images from

Our parser is a multi-threaded program. Uploading images is a high speed, the program does not make you wait for the result obtained.

- It can be used to parse one key request or parsing the set of queries

- the program provides a large number of options for parsing images with the necessary characteristics

- images can be downloaded from certain sites, or download only the URL of images themselves without pictures

- you can specify a number of images, minimum or maximum size in kb., and select extensions of the files you want to download

- if the downloading speed is too slow, it is possible to set the maximum time to download one file, at the expiration of this time, the GoogleImageFinder will stop downloading the file and move on to the next

- names that the files will be stored on your computer can be configured through the use of macros in the file name. Parsing with multiple requests, each request will be saved in a separate folder with the same name

- the GoogleImageFinder also provides a completely identical set of filters, which is on the site including directions image size in pixels, image filtering adult themes, specify the language of the search time adding an image, size, type, color and aspect ratio.

SEO Tools Development

Hey Folks,

I’m new here on the forums and this is my first post.

I’m a PHP developer with a very keen interest in SEO and Internet marketing, and I’m currently planning and developing a comprehensive set of SEO tools.

My question to the community is, what would you guys like to see as part of an SEO toolset? What tools would you consider as essential and also what tools would you like to have that are not currently available?

Thanks guys.