How do you organize your working times?

I have no time:

- I need 3 hours to write an article and prepare the images
- 45-60 minutes to share it on the various social media (I prefer to do it manually)
- I train 5 hours each day (in 6 Dragons Kung Fu)
- I sleep 6-7 hours
- I eat 1 time in a day (1h)
- I have to follow my students (online and offline, 3-4 hours)
- I am starting to write books and prepare courses

I want to do more on social media but truly I don’t know how.
The question is: how do you optimize your times?

Buy or Sell Social Media Accounts

I see on social media groups like on Facebook, there are many people who offer to sell their social media accounts of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (Fan Pages too).
And, I read the Facebook and Twitter TOS for this and on Facebook, they mentioned:
You will not transfer your account (including any Page or application you administer) to anyone without first getting our written permission.
They do not directly mention it is against the law but they mentioned to inform them first before doing such activities.
On Twitter, they directly mentioned it is against the law to sell username or twitter account.

My question is, is it really an illegal activity do sell or buy social media accounts?

My opinions- It is not worthful to sell or buy the accounts or fan pages because it affects your followers who follow you for the reason and if your followers are genuine.

What are your thoughts on it?