CreditKarma Reports my info was breached from seochat

A weird notice I received today from Credit Karma. I recognize this is from 2016. But I saw the notification for the first time today.

Quote: breach

July 1, 2016

In July 2016,’s database was allegedly breached. Even if you don’t use your account anymore, it’s important to protect any info that was exposed.
Exposed info


Your password was exposed in this breach, but we don’t know what it is.

After reading that, I came here to change my password only to get notifications that the site is not secured. A basic of SEO is to use SSL. Google recognizes that. What’s going on?

Is it possible to get a job relating to forums?

I’ve been studying to start a career in SEO for about a year now, and whilst i’ve been using my forum as the base to test my seo knowledge…
I actually find the tasks which develop my forum, like minor coding, front end development, graphics editing, events management etc more fun.
Whenever I start studying, the knowledge to improve my search engine rankings just makes me more excited to work on my forum and it brings me back
to it everytime.

I’m at a crossroads where I can take any job direction i’d like, i’m wondering do you guys know if there are any jobs relating to forum management? Something which has a bit of coding, a bit of graphics editing and a bit of content management?

How to cool down from bad customers

I don’t actually know why I’m making this post…

I own a little business which searches for driving tests…

I’ve worked very hard over the past 10 months, I work 18 hour days… reply to every customer within a minute or so, break my terms and conditions to please the customer if necessary. I decided to link up with a third party review company…

Loads of 5* reviews, happy days… Then I had two clients say something along the lines of "excellent service, wouldn’t change a thing!" then 3 star me… I mean?

Today, a client filled out their information completely wrong, and because of this, we booked a date which they didn’t really want, but – they filled out that they did want this date, so it actually their error. First thing they do is write me a 1* review, due to their mistake.

Firstly, I’m very nice about it… say I’ll do everything I can to fix their issues! I’ll find an alternative appointment for them etc etc… get nothing but rudeness back, despite the fact it was their fault. Called the software "stupid" for not "figuring out" that they didn’t want this date.

My inexperience got to me and I lost my professionalism for one email. Wish I didn’t, it my reponse wasn’t too bad, but I shouldn’t have done it. It now feels like months of licking licking my clients A… priding myself in excellent support has now gone down the pan because of a client with an IQ of a pea. My rating has now fallen loads…

Just really annoyed… What do you guys do with troubled clients?