Where to start…. WordPress… Seo.. Css… Html.. ?

Hi guys.

I need a bit of advice please.

I want to start building a website in wordpress.

What should I start learning first? Css.. Html and after wordpress and Seo?

I have basic knowledge of wordpress that’s all.

Won’t be doing this as a job just want to do my own website.

Thanks guys.

Utilizing website builders

Some webmasters may prefer to build everything from scratch, while others prefer to delegate the job to someone else. For example, if you are wondering about how to build a Squarespace website, https://websitebytonight.com is a good option to consider. I’m just wondering if these methods will show significantly different SEO results.

Error: you may be over quota: Bad file descriptor

Hi Guys,

I am a SEO guy and do not have enough knowledge about web development and coding. So i need your help on the below mentioned problem.

Actually, I was just setting up a 301 redirection (in .htaccess file through cPanel) on 1 url on my site and found below error message while saving the file:

"you may be over quota: Bad file descriptor"

I did some Googled about this error and found some reasons/suggestions like: my disk is full, upgrading the existing hosting plan, remove some unnecessary files from

the root and free some space, deactivate the plugins etc.

Thereafter, I removed the newly added line and save the file (old existing file) but still i am getting the same error message. Why I am getting this message if i did

not add any extra word in the already existing files?.

I am just adding half line in the .htaccess file for 301 redirection and found this error message. Can adding a half line can also create this error?

Can I solve this issue in any other way (except the mentioned reasons/suggestions)?

What is the best way to solve this issue?

Do I need to follow the mentioned Reasons/Solutions only?

I need your help.

Frameworks: PHP
Web Server: Apache
Document Information: HTML5

waiting for your response.


Gajender Singh

gajender.singh999 (dot) gmail (dot) com

Best paging SEO for wordpress

The situation:

- I have a WordPress website about martial arts (6dragonskungfu.com)
- I am posting articles that are always valid (like howto, etc.)
- I have more than 400 contents distributed in various categories
- I have read that the best SEO way to use paging with WordPress categories is the load-on-scroll method

The problem:

- This paging method hides the bigger part of the site’s articles
- The real depth of the index and the number of contents is absolutely unclear to the potential reader
- No one will look for more than 3-4 articles (the waiting for the loading time with the rotating circles is very tedious)

In your opinion, what is the best way / plug-in to make my contents possible to reach?

Thanks to all will reply to me!

help me to create a fly menu or a slideout menu

i am running a classified website and i want to make a slide out menu for my website for category selection by user when posting an ad.

i want to make one similar to quikr item post page https://quikr.com/post-classifieds-ads/select-category/

how to achieve this kind of menu….

can you direct me to a correct path to do so

Site Crashed

Hey there,

A vendor I’m using recently switched servers from WP Engine to AWS. One day after the switch, the site crashed. They said the issue was a spike in traffic, but traffic was pretty average. When I questioned them, this is the response I received. "User traffic causes degradation of web services. If it happens again, we will move it to a larger instance. We are monitoring it today. There really is nothing more to say."

I’m calling BS, but wanted to get other people’s opinions on here first. This is an area that I’m not an expert in.