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From 6500 Visits To 1200 Visits Over Night What Happened?

Hi All, I have a little problem. Just over a two weeks ago my site dropped from getting an average of 6500 visits a day to getting an average of 2500. The main drop seems to have been with search engines, mainly bing and yahoo.

The only thing that happen with the site just before the traffic dropped off was a takeover ad was placed on the site, could that be the problem?

I’m open to any suggestions.

My site no longer appears on yahoo or bing

Hi everyone. I’m very new here and have really only just started searching today for a forum like this because of a problem that I noticed appeared today. I’ll try and explain it all.
About 3 weeks ago I uploaded my first website and it wasn’t ranking anywhere for any words. I really didn’t know what I was doing and started to learn. I hadn’t added key words, meta description or even page names. After adding all this info to all 425 pages the site began to appear on search engines. Up until yesterday it was at number 3 on yahoo and bing when using unreal facts as the search words. Today it is at 2 on google with the same words, but not anywhere to be seen on yahoo or bing. Even when you type the site name into either of the two search engines it doesn’t appear. Sorry if listing the page isn’t allowed, but it will clearly show anyone who is willing to help me what is happening. But on google it is at 2 on the first page still with the 2 key words.
Now I know yahoo and bing are only very small compared to google, but my concern is that if yahoo and bing have removed my site, even the www from its index could google do the same? I have invested way too much time into this project to see it ruined by being blacklisted by search engines since I have not done anything wrong, just put a lot of hard yards into the site.
If anyone can please offer me some help it would be greatly appreciated.
BTW, seochat looks like a gold mine of info to me and I’m sure to use the hell out of it.